Words Are Hard

We are a group of variety streamers who hang out and play games together and stumble over our words.

Meet Our Crew


Jerico is a streamer intending to provide entertainment while doing what he enjoys…gaming. He often game with his better half, known as Morel. We met online playing EverQuest 2, and the rest they say is history.


He will play almost anything at least once and twice if he likes it. He has been playing video games since the original Nintendo was released. He is married with 5 wonderful children. You will hear them in the background from time to time. He wants to share his love of games with all of you.


He is a variety streamer who loves playing games and hanging out with people. Most people call him Tio (pronounced Tie O) or T for short .


He’s just a guy from small town Montana that likes to play games and instigate shenanigan. He’s a variety streamer who plays anything from Ark and survival games to tactical shooters like Ghost Recon and Sniper Elite. if you think there is something he should try out go ahead and mention it in chat discord and maybe we can get a list going!